Medical Transportation in Houston TX

Providing Senior Transportation in Houston TX

"Medical transportation is a necessity... NOT a luxury."

Medical Transportation in Houston | Wheelchair Transportation Houston | Transport SedanThis quote is the foundation upon which Amera Medical Transportation in HoustonTX is built and demonstrates our goal of providing medical transportation for seniors and the disabled. Watching elderly and disabled patients miss appointments for lack of affordable medical transportation demanded a definitive response. Spurred to action by this demand, three ordinary individuals who shared an extraordinary passion for helping others as well as a vision to meet this growing need came together to create a new senior transportation service that was accurately described in early advertising as "working together for life."

The Need for Affordable Medical Transportation is Real

  • 45% of PATIENTS miss their medical appointments/health treatment
  • 30% of DOCTORS experience 'no-shows' or cancellations
  • 15% of those surveyed have missed work to drive a loved one to a medical appointment

Medical Transportation in Houston | Wheelchair Transportation Houston | Elderly Woman Receiving Physical TherapyAmera Medical Transportation offers a wide range of medical transportation services for the elderly, infirm and disabled. Our transportation services including ambulatory transportation for bed-ridden/paralyzed patients, wheelchair-accessible vans, shuttle buses, sedan car services and both local and long distance medical transportation in Houston and nearby Texas communities. With a staff of highly dedicated individuals and a meticulously maintained fleet of vehicles, Amera Medical Transportation (AMT) continues to grow, serving both patients and medical professionals. Our medical transportation services help reduce cancellations and ensure timely arrivals for doctors, diagnostic centers, dialysis centers, wound centers, orthopedic centers and virtually any medical facility that accepts patients. Senior and disabled individuals enjoy receiving the care they need without burdening friends or family members for medical transportation.


As the Need for Medical Transportation Continues to Grow, So Will AMT

With a focus on serving Houston, Woodlands, and nearby Texas communities, our vision extends to company expansion that meets the continually growing need for affordable medical transportation throughout the entire U.S. Our goal is to bring the same level of service now enjoyed throughout our current service area to cities throughout the country. We invite you to contact us for more information.